February 21, 2011

Libya tries to walk like an Egyptian

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As the fallout from the success of the people’s rebellion in Egypt sweeps across the Middle East, Libya teeters on the verge of middle war as the youth of that country tries to force Gaddafi out on his ear. Unfortunately, this will not have the same happy ending as has occurred in Egypt.

The chart I’m using for Libya is December 24, 1951 at 12.01 am.

Uranus in transit is making a huge impact on Libya’s chart as it is quincunxing the event chart’s Moon and squaring the Sun. In these sorts of charts the moon represents the people and the Sun the ruling regime. Normally the sextile between these two bodies would indicate that there is not much friction between the people and the ruling regime. However, with Uranus in this powerful position, all previous bets are off. Uranus is like a shaft of light streaming in through your bedroom window on a morning after a week of rain and misery. You wake up, enthused as this new energy and possibly a little confused as to where it has come from. Uranus is currently having just that effect on the people of Libya. They have seen the revolt in Egypt and appear to have collectively had the though “Why didn’t we think of that?” So, bless them, they are now out there giving it a red hot go.

The two other wonderful things happening in transit is Pholus crossing the IC and the event chart’s retrograde Mercury. People have seen the challenge by the Egyptian people as something they can also achieve. It’s as though the population of young people have suddenly realized they don’t need to put up with the regime anymore and are demanding a different outcome and different living standards. While journalists are now forbidden and the news channels in Libya aren’t broadcasting what is happening in the streets, there is vision from camera phones making it into the west so we can see what is happening behind the borders.

The last major transit I will look at in the Libyan event chart is Chiron, Neptune and the Sun currently transiting the North Node, which will also be presently transited by Mars. The current regime does only have a limited life span, and little left to offer. This is part of what is fuelling the frustration of the angry crowds. However, the people are not yet on the right wave length to have the same effect the Egyptian people have had. Notice the absence of women. There are no women in the streets demanding Gaddafi stand down. The protests are violent and there have been many deaths. With Mars dancing its current dance, the bloodshed will continue for the foreseeable future.


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