February 23, 2011

Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway

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Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway is a book by Susan Jeffers. I have to confess I have never read it. The title has been ticking away in the back of my mind over the years as a challenge, a dare.

Fear, for the most part, happens as a warning system for a reason. We are afraid of cars coming towards us at high speed. We are afraid of big vicious dogs. We are afraid of a psychopath running towards us with an axe. This type of fear keeps us safe.

We have other fears though, mostly based around losing the status quo and our own feelings of control. Most of us will do almost anything to maintain the status quo. Stay in miserable jobs, or miserable relationships as the fear of change and loss of control is too great to contemplate. This is the type of fear that holds us back. This is the type of fear we need to feel, and then do it anyway.

Naturally, we fear the bottom falling out of our lives. Suddenly losing homes, loved ones or even a situation can be stressful and traumatic. Sometimes though, keeping a tight grasp to those things can make it even worse. This can go even deeper than just maintaining life as it is, sometimes we get so entrenched in our “stuff” (things, relationships) that we actually become attached to the labels we give ourselves – our stuff ends up becoming part of our identity. ┬áThis is the point at which the fear becomes crippling, and illness can result

A little exercise for you.

1. Write down the 10 things you are most frightened of happening.

2. Think about why you are so dependant upon these people or things. What do you sacrifice to keep them in your life?

3. Think about what your life would be like without them. What energy would it free up for you?

Feel the Fear. Do it Anyway.