April 22, 2011

Astrology: why it is fabulous

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Astrology is, sadly, a much misunderstood topic. People think that their daily horoscope published in local papers is tantamount to good astrology. They then become disillusioned and confused when this is not accurate and it slowly dawns on them that the likelihood of everyone born in the same month having the same sort of day is actually slim to none.

Astrology is so much more than just your Sun sign. Astrologers will look at the position of all the main bodies in the heavens when they are calculating your astrological chart – the planets, usually the dwarf planet Pluto, and many will also use the Centaur Chiron, plus a couple of “hypothetical” bodies. The position of something like Saturn or Mars may even be more important than the placement of your Sun.

How does astrology actually work? In actuality, I have no idea, but I have seen enough evidence to know that it does. I do recall speaking to a gentleman one day about astrology, and he was happy that it was a viable paradigm due to the influence of gravity. That does make a lot of sense to me. The moon, for example, is a fair way from earth. The gravity of the moon, however, is strong enough to make the tides and affect the oceans on the planet. The oceans are pretty big, If the gravity of the moon can affect the oceans, surely we are delusional to think that it doesn’t affect us. Anyone who has worked in a call centre or an emergency ward will be able to tell you about how the full moon influences the behaviour of the general public.

Every person on the planet has a different astrological chart. Even just a few minutes difference in times of birth can mean different placements of the faster moving planets, ascendants, and house cusps, which can mean different interactions of bodies in the charts. One thing I would love to eventually do in my astrological studies is collect data for twins and examine what small things differ in their charts to make them such different human beings.

I don’t believe that astrology can accurately predict the future – it can give you an idea of things which may happen, but ultimately it is up to you. I think instead it is actually a tool for self improvement, and can be a bit of a road map to your life. When you look at a road map, you can see the where you want to go, and you can even get a good idea of how to get there. But you have no idea what will happen to you along the way and how the journey will turn out.

Astrology can give us an idea of how people perceive the world, and what has happened to them to give them this perspective, and how those thoughts and feelings make life challenging. If you are feeling down in the dumps, unsure about what you should be doing and which way you should be turning, an astrologer is an excellent person to consult. Chances are, your directions have already been given to you, and you are trying to put off a journey you haven’t quite come to terms with yet.

My goal as an astrologer is to help people get more out of their lives, to help them understand their emotions, thought processes and the choices that they make, to help them make better choices to direct them to a more satisfying and happier destination.

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